About us

Jennifer Priestley of SJP Paralegal Services is a licensed Paralegal with the Law Society of Ontario. Over the last 16 years, SJP has acquired practical experience and continues to enhance her knowledge in the field to further develop her skills and her practice.

We offer the following services with fair, flat rates. We also offer payment plans to those who require assistance.

  • Small Claims Court litigation (up-to $35,000).

  • Traffic and other offenses under the Provincial Offenses Act, which are heard in Provincial Offenses Court.

  • Summary conviction criminal charges under the Criminal Code, heard in the Ontario Court of Justice.

  • Statutory Accident Benefits (SAB) claims covered under the Insurance Act, for injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents.

  • Hearings before administrative tribunals and boards (including the Landlord and Tenant Board, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, Social Benefits Tribunal, Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, and the Immigration and Refugee Board)

  • Give legal advice concerning legal interests, rights or responsibilities with respect to a proceeding or the subject matter of a proceeding.

  • Notary

  • Commissioner of Oaths

As a Licensee of the Law Society of Ontario, Jennifer Priestley (Licensee) and the dedicated staff of SJP Paralegal Services will draft or assist with drafting documents for use in a proceedings and negotiate on your behalf to help you through this stressful time.


S. Jennifer Priestley

Licensed Paralegal

Licensee of the Law Society of Ontario for over 10 years, with over 2 decades of paralegal experience. Jennifer has an exceptional success rate with Small Claims and Landlord and Tenant matters.

Jennifer is passionate in helping members of her community and bringing access to justice for those who are less fortunate.

Cassandra Lalee

Legal Assistant

Paralegal Candidate

Cassandra is a recent Honours Graduate of the Paralegal Program at Mohawk College.

She is passionate about promoting access to justice for people who struggle with disabilities and have been wronged.

Rachelle Paterson

Law Clerk

Rachelle is a graduate from the Law Clerk program at Niagara College. With extensive experience in enforcement and collections. Rachelle has experience in Credit Law and has worked with the Canada Revenue Agency as a Law Clerk.

Rachelle takes pride in knowing that she is helping those who have been wronged and gaining justice for them.